Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Days with Our Grands!

I am so far behind on my blog but have been so very busy. I had one day at home between the Halloween festivities in C'ville and my flight to AZ. Since returning from there and finally recovering from my cold/flu/sinus thingy, I've been cooking and Christmas shopping and planning my parts of our trip to AZ for the winter. Yesterday I got back from another brief visit with Mom.

You may remember that I flew into Phoenix on November 2nd. Sandee & Shawn left the next morning to meet up with their friends to attend the BAMA/LSU game in Tuscaloosa. If I had time, I would post more but instead here is a brief look at the ten days I was there.

Wednesday, Nov 2
Dexter is at the park with me, watching for the kids after school.

Thursday, Nov 3
Shelby's first tennis lesson

Dylan and friends recycling after their Student Council meeting.

Friday, Nov 4

Lightning would wake up and visit with me while the kids were in school.

Shelby singing with the chorus during Family Night at their school.

Saturday, Nov 5

Jackson, wearing a light blue jersey at far right, working a play in his football game.

The ball is in the air, thrown by Jackson at the far left. Dylan kept the stats for Jackson's team this season and is in light blue nearer the center of this photo. J's team won, which earned them a spot in the championship game the following Saturday.

After Jackson's game, Dylan and Shelby set up a table for the neighborhood garage sale,

while Jackson relaxed in front of the TV in his folks' room with a snack of apple mouths. I wish I had captured his grin when I handed him this plate with the gleaming white marshmallow teeth between the bright red apple lips...teehee

That evening, Dylan had hockey practice. Both the boys spent the night at some friends' house while Shelby and I had a girls night. That was a very full day.

Sunday, Nov 6

On our way to pick up the boys from their sleepover this morning, Shelby and I spied this Roadrunner in the park near their home.

The boys were a bit tired from their sleeplessover so, after going out for breakfast, we relaxed by

...playing video games

...practicing tennis drills

...and watching TV.

But it was much too nice to stay indoors all day, so we went to the park later in the afternoon.

While we were at the park, their folks got home from Alabama!

Monday, Nov 7

Dylan helping Shelby practice her tennis swing.

Shelby practicing her tennis after school.

Dylan had a hockey game that evening. He just passed the puck; he has the white stick.

Dylan in the center with the puck. Tie game.

Tuesday, Nov 8 & Wednesday, Nov 9

I finally had a couple of laid back days and read all day while the kids were at school...what a treat. It was so cool to walk them to school in the mornings and meet them at the park in the afternoon every day! Now that he's in junior high, Jackson has a much longer day so he gets home later.

After homework and dinner, our evenings were filled with video games, computer time, and Farkle.

Thursday, Nov 10

There was a very special event at the kids' grade school on Thursday morning. We really want Rich to be there for this next year. It was the most beautiful Veteran's Day Celebration! I'm going to post several photos. As a member of the Student Council, Dylan was involved in planning the release of 100 butterflies, was a speaker, and a member of the work team. As a member of the chorus, Shelby sang several songs including a medley of the theme songs of each armed services' branch.

Dylan after speaking his part in the program.

Shelby singing with the chorus.

A teacher releasing the last of the butterflies; Dylan, on the right, looking for some of the butterflies.

Shelby, returning to her classroom after the program.

This flag is made up of stars with the names of students' family members who have served in the military.

This is their Grandpa's star, on the flag above.

Sandee, standing behind her grandpa's flag. In this field of flags, each flag carries the name of a student's deceased relative who served in the military.

The flag for Everett Pogue: my dad, Sandee's grandpa, the kids' great-grandpa who spent his career in the Army.

Shawn and Sandee took Dylan away from his Student Council clean-up duties for this photo.

But that's not all, Jackson had football practice that evening.
Here, and in the next photo, Jackson is running one of the many grueling drills demanded by his coach.

Here is that demanding coach, he's the one wearing the maroon ball cap...giggle...Shawn.

Friday, Nov 11

The kids were out of school for Veteran's Day so I fixed burritos and bacon and sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast. About mid-morning Shelby helped me make our favorite Monkey Bread.

When it was done, I told the kids "lunch is ready" and we had Monkey Bread for lunch before I flew back home that evening...a grandma's prerogative!!!

Maybe it was in my best interest to come home was a great excuse to rest up after such a fun-filled busy ten days with my favorite kids in the whole wide world!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Every Day

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  1. What a great ten days! Best of all, you're making wonderful memories for your grand kids, so someday they will know how to be excellent grandparents.


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