Monday, November 8, 2010

A Birthday Masterpiece

One of the gifts from the grandkids when we celebrated Rich's birthday at their house last month was a 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building. Knowing how much we love seeing landmark buildings and that we have been there, Jackson selected this gift. All three of the kids had chosen such perfect gifts for their that showed how well they know and love him. Dylan gave him a set of LED lights that clip onto the bill of any baseball hat and Shelby gave him items personalized with the letter G, for Grandpa of course!

Marianne, Greg, and Jenny were here for dinner yesterday and afterward, Rich got out the puzzle so we all sat around the dining room table chatting, laughing, and assembling the Empire State Building. As Rich was punching the pieces out, I started the assembly. No it's not the Leaning Tower of New York...just be patient, it will soon be righted. I did however pass along the project for assembly by all.

Greg and Jenny both took a turn, well actually, Greg was coaching both me and Jenny during our stints...quite effectively I might add.

Here is Marianne during her shift on the assembly line...

And, yes, we did let Rich in on the process occasionally. It's the least we could do; after all, it was his gift!

Here it is...the finished Empire State Building and the much loved Grandpa!
Lovin' Life ~~ Bev


  1. That was fun!! But a picture of the "lead architect" was omitted.

  2. ya bev where is your picture you need to be in this blog as well but i was happy that we all worked togeather to help Rich have a great birthday here in IL.


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