Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"After Two Days, In the Desert Sun"

We took the day off to enjoy a couple of places in Amarillo on Sunday. We got in so late the night before that the office was closed. These guys were there to greet me though when we stopped to check in at the night register. This is the coolest art we've seen at any KOA, and we've stayed at a lot of them!

Speaking of art...even though we passed on through Roswell, NM without stopping at one of our favorite art museums, our visit to the Amarillo Museum of Art certainly made up for it!

There was a temporary exhibit of art "Featuring New Work by the Panhandle's Young and Emerging Artists" including those from West Texas A&M that included some fabulous pieces...some were simply fun; some were breathtakingly beautiful. Here are a few of our favorites with the name of the piece captioned.

Revealing the Beauty Within

Choking Hazard


Current C


Generational Gap

The Warmth of Wisdom
In addition to the incredible variety of talent in the temporary exhibit, the Price Gallery of Asian Art contains priceless pieces such as this...

I sat in front of Buddha for some time wondering about its creation and life and how I came to be in his presence at this particular time. Humbling.

Also in the museum's permanent collection is this enormous painting that draws you in to the museum reception depicted, as though you too were an attendee.


There were also two or three paintings by the artist who created this...

Crazy Mountain Horses #2

Finding small museums with such treasures is pure bliss.

Now for the contrast that is so often a part of our days. For dinner we went to the
World Famous Big Texan Steak Ranch 

If you can eat a 72 ounce steak, baked potato, salad, and shrimp cocktail within an hour, your meal is free. Many have tried; a few have even succeeded!

You know how you place your tongue firmly in your cheek and think, "WTH, let's give it a try"? Well let me tell you, the food here is great! It is served in this dining room...

I would love to find me some cowhide patterned oil cloth for my table! The chili was delicious and loaded with beef...although the appearance of the cornbread was far superior to the taste...giggle!

Both of our steaks were of the best quality and perfectly prepared...

Rich just ate the last of his 24 ounce steak for dinner tonight and commented again that we will definitely eat there the next time we're in Amarillo.

Lovin' Life ~~ Continuing This Journey

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