Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

The kids decided to stay with us again Saturday night which led to some interesting conversations about the Easter Bunny and how it finds out (and why do we refer to it as a 'he'?) where they are that night (or does it know where they are staying?).

Shelby and I worked all morning on Saturday. She cleaned out cabinets that I couldn't reach by standing on the counter tops, actually she cleaned inside most of the cabinets and drawers while I put things away. Then she ran the dust mop before wet mopping the floor with my brand new dual purpose mop. She enjoyed doing all of it and she did a great job too so there was a little extra in her pay envelope this week! Can you tell what her brothers are doing? They are playing games on my computer, which is what they did most of the morning.

At some point while we were slaving away at housework, Dylan took my camera and went on a "shoot" around the house. Here, I have curated a few favorites from his collection.

What do you think? Does the young man have a promising future as a photographic artist?

The boys did go grocery shopping with me while Grandpa and Shelby stayed home and played Farkle. It was such fun getting to color Easter eggs with them since we have rarely been with them at Easter.

Rich had to go to WalMart and returned with the game Scattergories; we had hours of fun playing that this weekend!

Easter Morning!

When they heard we were awake, Shelby & Dylan came in to excitedly tell us that the Easter Bunny had left three chocolate bunnies at our house!

After I fixed breakfast, we had an Easter Egg Hunt, the first of several throughout the day.

Greg and Jenny called not long after our first Easter Egg Hunt! Since the Easter Bunny fills the kids' own personal baskets which they leave out the night before Easter each year, their mom and dad brought the filled baskets when they came.

Rich, Sandee, and Shawn took a tour of the property, checking out all the cacti in our own little desert botanical garden. It will be something to see, we hope, after all the wild brush and dead stuff is cleared out.

Right now though some of our cactus are in bloom, like this flowering hedgehog cactus out front next to the driveway. sweet is love in bloom?

Back inside, there was a game of Scattergories with everyone sprawled on the floor in a guest room. Shelby was sitting on the window seat.

During another egg hunt, Shawn came up with this clever "hiding" place!

It was such a gorgeous day that they moved the picnic table outside for dinner. Shawn and I will be right there!

After dinner, Shelby and Dylan both jumped into the still chilly pool. Again, Jackson politely declined...ahem!

We finished the afternoon with a third game of fun, so glad Rich bought it yesterday!

It has been a while since we have had such a perfect day...perfect in every way!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family Holidays


  1. Wow I've just saw ur post on facebook and now I've seen how busy you and Rich have been the last week. congrats to you guys. Will you be coming back to IL. to get things from your old house?

  2. Wow! What an absolutely wonderful weekend for everyone! Love the photos - and your home is so bright and airy. Beautiful!


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