Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Normal Weekend!

After all we have been through this winter, we finally have had a nearly normal weekend! The weather is gorgeous, Rich has recovered from a nasty cold, and my pain is okay. While I was laid up at the kids' house, Rich renewed his interest in bicycling and found that he loves riding off-road on the many desert trails in our area out here. Yesterday was the first time that I got to see him prepare and take off. He has ridden as far as thirty miles in a day but was only gone about half an hour yesterday to get back into it after being sick. Lookin' good, huh?

Shawn and Sandee brought the kids out mid-afternoon. We took a ride, viewing the Superstitions and driving along the kids' favorite roller coaster road as fast as we safely dared. I'll have to try to get photos of some of the steeply wavy roads out here.

Aren't they adorable, all clustered together at the Red Box to check out what movies are available?

While I fixed dinner, they all just hung out playing with the girls or on one of the computers. Then it was time to make up the beds and watch Madagascar 3. The five of us love the Madagascar movies!

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning with cinammon rolls and bacon for breakfast (no Kathy, not delicious home made ones like yours, I only wish!). Dylan told us that our friends' daughter was racing today so I called Jen and we made arrangements to go to the Gymkhana where Jordan was competing with her horse, Doc.

They had also brought another horse that is stabled with theirs that their son, Josh, sometimes rides. Somehow, I didn't get any photos of Jen, her husband, Dave, or their other son, Dustin...geesh, what a lame excuse for a photographer. Sandee met us there, the weather was perfect, the events brought back lots of childhood memories of horse shows we attended as a family, and it was great getting to visit with Jen and Dave. The kids all had a blast hanging out around the horses, riding, and playing.

And what kid doesn't love a clubhouse under the bleachers?

This weekend meant so much to me because this is the life we normally live...and getting back to our life is long overdue!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family, And Friends, And Horses!

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