Friday, February 22, 2013

More From This Week!

It has been a great week! Those who are retired may not have even realized it but Monday was a holiday for those who attend school and some who work, like Sandee. After my PT on Monday morning, Rich and I met Sandee, the boys, and their friend, Michael, at the Chandler mall for a late lunch. These boys were having a blast shopping, or rather cruising, the mall together.

While we were at the kids' Wednesday afternoon, Shelby asked her mom to get "the bear" out. I had not seen it for many years. 

Here is the sweet story about "the bear": The first time Rich came to our house, when he was working on a project at the Jacksonville plant, he brought Greg a Hot Wheels motorcycle and he brought Sandee this small bear. She took it to her room and returned a short time later with a thank you note she had typed on the toy typewriter she had gotten for Christmas; she was 7 1/2 years old. And yes, Rich still has that note too. Even though Rich and I became great friends after that and married six years later, I contend that those two were connected from the moment they met.

Thursday was packed with excitement and activity. I'll probably share more later about the first event of the morning. After that we drove around and I got more photos of the remaining snow on the Superstitions.

Midday we went to my ten week post-op appointment with the surgeon. He checked out my lack of range of motion and the swelling then read the progress report with measurements of my limitations that the physical therapist had sent him. My progress is extremely slow and my recovery will take a long time...but there is progress! By the time we had a late lunch, did laundry, and picked up some groceries the day was waning....but not over. Bill and Deanne got in and set up here at the KOA in time to come over and visit for a while.

I've spent much of this Friday organizing medical bills and reading while Rich and Bill took their first bike ride together. They covered about ten miles, including much off-road riding. When they got back, they spent a couple of hours sitting outside, drinking beer and shooting the breeze. They have been such great friends for so many years.

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