Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Grands' First Night Here

Friday, March 29th

This door leads from our bedroom directly out to the pool so this is what I see when I awaken each morning because the weather is so perfect now that we can leave the inside door open all night. At the top of the mountain in the background, the rocks form the face of a man (my opinion) or a one-eared mountain lion (Rich's opinion) which is so very cool.

Can you see the face now in this cropped version of the photo above? It is directly above the head of the Indian's horse.

Here is an even clearer cool is this?

After running a few errands, we picked up the kids around noon, took them to lunch, and shopped at WalMart before bringing them here for the night. The girls were so happy to see them!

We just had to try the pool, even though the water is so very cold...brrrr!

Shelby eased her way in...

Dylan had just jumped right in...

Jackson never did get in...

Shelby took a running jump in too after a while...

Shelby loves all the nooks and crannies of the many built-ins, closets, and cabinets in this house. They all found some great hiding places for playing hide & seek. There was much wrestling and pillow fighting too, after Grandpa got the air mattresses inflated.

We went outside so that the kids could check out the planets and constellations using our Night Sky apps on my phone and Rich's tablet.

This old wagon resides in our front yard; I took this standing just outside our front door. It won't be here much longer though we hope because it's just not 'us'. The guy who had said he would pick it up on Saturday didn't show, so if you know anyone...

The kids had a blast their first night here; we had a blast with them too! More later, because they ended up staying until this evening.

Lovin' Life ~~ Having All This Space to Share With Our Grands

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