Sunday, March 3, 2013

The End...of February!

Well of course I'm sick. This winter has certainly been challenging. What started as a head cold has morphed into bronchitis which I'm staying home and trying to rest away today. With Bill & Deanne here, PT appts, and kids' activities life is happily busy, in spite of my cold. Here goes the last of February...

Saturday, Feb 23

It was Sandee's Saturday to work so we picked up Shelby so that she wouldn't have to go to football an hour and a half early with the guys. While exploring, we dropped into a cool, funky furniture store where Shelby fell in love with this couch that would nearly fill her bedroom.

The Saints lost, their only loss of the season but here is a photo of both boys in action and one of them and their friends, the Vlamings, leaving the field.

Sunday, Feb 24

Rich, Bill, and Deanne hiked up the base of the Superstitions out of Lost Dutchman State Park. They had perfect weather and here are a few shots Rich took.

After Rich got back, we went to Dylan's hockey game. His hockey team is not having a great season but I always love watching them. Among the shots I took of Dylan in action, these two are my favorites. He is wearing teal and gray, controlling the puck and battling for the puck.

And yet the day wasn't over. We went to the kids' house and had so much fun watching that evening's installment of their days' long Monopoly game.

The drive home facing a full moon above the dwindling glow from the sunset was so lovely. I wish I could capture moon detail but haven't been able to with any camera I've had.

Mon, Feb 25

While I went to PT then did laundry, Rich and Bill took a 22 mile bike ride and Deanne shopped. What is wrong with this picture? We do, however, go out to eat fabulous restaurants nearly every night.

Tues, Feb 26

This was yet another hiking day for the three hikers. This time they took a different trail out of Lost Dutchman State Park that led them up to these fabulous hoodoos that we have always admired from afar.

The last two days of the month were spent going to PT, working on Rich's and my latest project, meeting the kids after school so that Shawn and Dylan could get an early start driving into the city for the Coyote's game, going to dinner and playing Farkle with Bill and Deanne...btw, we girls are getting slaughtered at that game night after night so the guys are insufferable.

Lovin' Life ~~ Sniffle, Cough, Sniffle

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