Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day ~ Four Generation Photos

Once upon a time, in 1949, I was the baby of four living generations on Mom's side of the family...oh so lucky me to have known all of these wonderful women (and my Grandpa Price too...what a character!).

l to r: Velma Price Pogue, Bill Price, Bev Pogue, Mary Ann Bivin Price

l to r: Bernice Wallace Price, Velma Price Pogue, Bev Pogue, Martha Weaver Wallace

Twenty Three years later, my daughter Sandee was the baby in this four generation photo.

l to r: Bernice Wallace Price, Bev Pogue Watt [now Ulaszek] holding Sandee Watt, Velma Price Pogue

In June 2011 the latest of our four generation photos included my precious grandkids.

Velma Price Pogue seated in front of: 
Greg Watt, Dylan Crane, Sandee Watt Crane, Jackson Crane, Bev Ulaszek, Shelby Crane

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful women in my life know who you are!

Lovin' Life ~~ Thankful For These Special Memories


  1. That picture was taken on my 10th birthday!!!!!!! To all you peeps out there I am the one with the 10 shirt A.K.A the cute one =)

    ~Dylan Crane

    1. So you do see these posts but thought that only this one was worthy of a comment? You are just too cute, Dylan!

  2. awesome to have pictures of great grandma wallace and great grandma price!kap


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