Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Planting

As he typically does around Mother's Day, this week Rich shopped for, planted, and mulched the beds in front of our house. We keep it are a few photos.

For years we have selected the Blue Wave Petunias but this year changed it up and planted these lovely Burgundy Star Wave Petunias. Rich loves Marigolds so always plants a variety of them behind the petunias.

We have a large container in the front bed and select something different every year to plant in it. Our selections are rarely successful (because we're not attentive gardeners, you think?). This year he planted these Orange and Yellow Gazenias in there...I love them! The yellow ones remind me of sunflowers; at night they close tightly and all the petals point straight up!

We love both the flavor and the aroma of basil, crush a leaf between your fingers and inhale...OH MY! He planted these in a container this year so they are more accessible than when planted in the back bed. Actually, we didn't plant anything in the back this year; we're just not here long enough to plant much.

Spreading mulch over all the beds.

This task is well supervised by The Girls!

Marianne was here on Wednesday and while we were visiting after dinner she glanced outside and saw this...I would have missed it otherwise! I LOVE rainbows!!!

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