Saturday, May 11, 2013

This Week in Flowers

This week, of course, was all about Mom. She loved bright flowers like these from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all the blossoms of spring. Everything this past week has been just as she would have wanted...her brand of perfect.

Spring brings the fleeting beauty of a variety of flowering trees.

Jonquils and daffodils were among Mom's spring favorites but they pass so quickly and this was the only shot I got, even though they were plentiful until the recent rainy days.

When Rich and I arrived back home Wednesday evening we were greeted by this lovely arrangement of tulips from our next-door BFFs. I LOVE tulips!

How lovely is this bowing bloom with its multi-colored leaf...breathtaking?

Come closer...just look at the magnificence inside this bloom.

This afternoon when he returned from working on the motorhome, Rich brought me these...oh my goodness!

Lovin' Life ~~ This Week Too

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