Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Armed…not Charmed

Having seen the photo and read about Butch Cassidy, which is what Rich had named our “lone” coyote, you must know how charmed I was to occasionally see it on the golf course behind our house. Then last Wednesday as I drove in from work, I saw four coyotes on the opposite side of one of our small lakes. The most active one, which we think was our “Butch” kept trying to get the others to play. I picked up Rich and the camera and we went back to get these shots. In the first photo, there is one standing next to the tree, one barely visible at the left edge, and two curled up sleeping to the right. IMG_0793a
I was still charmed to be able to view such beautiful animals right here in our neighborhood. The next evening, Bella was barking at the patio door and when I went to look there were two coyotes frolicking and tumbling and playing in the freshly fallen snow…a bit too close for my taste since that’s where we let the girls out. But then, on the weekend friends told us that in another neighborhood across the street, TEN coyotes had been seen…YIKES!
Sunday we went to a sporting goods store and Rich bought a BB pistol. We would never injure them but may try to communicate that they are no longer welcome right in our backyard. From charmed to armed in four short days…

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  1. What an interesting phenomenon -- the urban coyote. :)

    We are in your region quite a bit in the summer -- I grew up in Valparaiso IN and my mom lives near there still.

    Thanks for checking in on my blog! :)


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