Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pot Roast...the ChefBev Way

When I started blogging, I knew this day would come. It seems that if I want to be a successful "big girl" blogger, I'll have to include some posts about is the first.

My favorite blogger, Pioneer Woman, appeared on GMA this morning teaching the world how to make a delish, tender pot roast along with her suggestion that mashed potatoes are her favorite to serve with it. You can catch her appearance by clicking on this link or read her Feb 25th blog post where she details how to fix pot roast at

Not to be outdone, even by a pro like PW, here is a photo of the pot roast and mashed potatoes I prepared recently. The pot roast was melt in your mouth tender with a thick, rich gravy; the mashed potatoes were a perfect texture to accompany the robust flavor of the beef.

Is your mouth watering? Are you tempted to head for the grocery store to pick up a nice roast and a bag of Golden & Russet potatoes? Will you have the patience to let your roast cook for the hours it takes to achieve such tenderness?

It's time to stop torturing you with photos of all this good eatin' and let you in on my little culinary secret so that you too can serve this succulent meal to your loved ones. I picked up the roast at the membership warehouse store and the potatoes at the grocery. And now here is your shopping list...

ta da...

Take it from ChefBev...this is seriously the best pot roast and mashed potatoes to come out of my kitchen in a very long time...both products are delicious and such timesavers too!


  1. Looks like the way I fix a meal. We had this scrumptious skillet meal last night. Philly Cheesesteak with french onion topping. MMMM... Thank you Hamburger Helper! =) I always have good intentions, but alas....

  2. I can't imagine eating potatoes from a bag!
    I just made chicken and dumplings and the only thing that came in a bag was the flour I used..Ha!
    The first time you sent this meandering site, I couldn't get it to open.
    You see my grammer hasn't improved any!

  3. why dont you fix something like this when we come


  4. You sure had me fooled. Your dishes always look this good and even better.

  5. Since I cook for about 400 a day (except weekends) Looks like what we use only smaller! :) Am enjoying your blog, didn't know backyard and beyond had one. I have just read hers, how big the boys are getting!!!kap

  6. I'll have to see if I can get that brand here. I also take advantage of the convenience of prepared roast. Hormel has a delicious one and I just cook carrots and potatoes in the microwave first until tender, than add the meat and some extra beef broth to keep it juicy. Yum! Yum! and so easy. It is better than anything I could make from scratch, that's for sure!


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