Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stressed. Depressed. Blessed!


I'll be retiring on April 30th. For several years I've been essentially a one-person function in an office with a tremendous amount of staff turnover. That resulted in my knowing pretty much everything about everything in our area. Over the past year, the administration has changed with a new President of the institution and two new VPs in our department. Since the new folks don't know that they don't know what they don't know, all my pleas for a schedule of times that I can provide training, insight, history, etc. have fallen on deaf ears. Me being me = Stressed.


The changes at work include many new VP positions in addition to the four we had for many years. The primary role of some new administrators seems to be the elimination of staff. A few of the folks are leaving voluntarily after accepting a puny early retirement offering figuring that something is better than nothing. Others who are leaving have simply been terminated. I have worked with these fine people for many years. The last day for all of them is June 30th, fiscal year end, so at least I won't be there for that sad day. Me being me = Depressed.


Not only am I retiring at the absolutely most opportune time to be leaving there...not only am I able to retire at the "young" age of 60...not only is Rich also retiring the same day...not only are we looking forward to endless unscheduled days together...not only are we planning some great RV trips...not only do we still love the home we built 11 years ago...not only do we have great friends...not only do we have fun times with mom, Pauline, siblings, in-laws, nephews, nieces, etc...not only am I still madly in love with my husband after 24 years of marriage...not only do we have two great kids...but...perhaps the very best part of my life at this stage is the joy brought to our lives by our three grandkids! I wish there were words to express how much fun we have together and what a gift it is to travel, explore, experience the world along with them. The very best part of me being me...Blessed!

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