Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sports News - Hockey

Dylan, our middle grand, got back into ice hockey last fall. He has always loved it as you can see from this June 2006 photo. Both of the boys were in hockey then.  Dylan is on the left and Jackson on the right in the split photos below taken that summer by their dad. Jackson has left ice hockey behind to focus on his love of football and baseball. Dylan will also play baseball again this year but it seems hockey is his main sport.

Never one to be left out, that year their little sister had her very own hockey stick even though she wasn't taking lessons. Every time they went to the rink, she marched in oh-so-proudly carrying her pink hockey stick.

Recently Dylan started on a team for the first time, rather than simply taking lessons. He has often talked about wanting to be a goalie. Last Tuesday was the first hockey game where he got to be the goalie. They won 4 to 3...pretty great for a first time goalie! That evening he sent us the following e-mail...

GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? I GOT THE GAME PUCK IN HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT THE ACTUAL GAME PUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When I talked to him on the phone, he was also excited about getting "dogpiled" by his team at the end of the game. I did figure out that getting "dogpiled" is a very good thing and, for those who may be wondering, it means that the team all piled on top of him in celebration of his huge role in their win.

More Sports News...

This was the first year that Jackson had actual tryouts for baseball which resulted in him getting moved up to AAA ball and Shelby has a new pink batting helmet so expect more sports news about all the grands as baseball season gets underway!


  1. I swear my bad hips are from all of those hours on bleachers watching Ryan play basektball. It looks like S & S are going to be spending COUNTLESS hours on bleachers. Kids can learn so much from sports activities, though, and it builds those muscles and bones. Way to go Jackson, Dylan, and Shelby!!

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