Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coyote Tracks in the Snow

The last time I posted about the coyotes, I mentioned that we had bought a BB pistol to try to frighten them away from our house. Less than a week later, Bella sounded the alarm one evening and Rich went out with his pistol. There were three coyotes near our yard and they scattered away hurriedly when he popped off a few BBs in their direction.

The two photos below that were taken the following morning show coyote tracks coming to our yard. We can never tell just how close they come to our deck because they mingle with the tracks left by Dora and Bella. You can, however, see coyote tracks coming right to our deck from our next door neighbor's backyard in the last photo.

Now that the snow is gone, we can't tell if they are still coming in close but so far we have not seen them again. More informatively, Bella has not reacted to the presence of them since that evening when Rich fired the BB pistol toward them. Did it have an impact? Have they selected a different route through the golf course? We'll never know...not until next winter that is!

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