Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pot Roast - Part II

Rereading my first food posting, I may have given the wrong impression so... Lest my reputation as a fairly decent cook become erroneously and permanently sullied , here are photos of a pot roast I actually prepared last week...using pure olive oil, a real beef chuck roast, fresh carrots, and a 12 oz jar of Pepperoncini.

I simply browned the roast on the stovetop in a bit of olive oil, removed it from the roaster while I browned the unpeeled carrot chunks next. After removing the carrots, I poured the juice from the pepperoncinis into the roaster, placed the roast in and topped it with the pepperoncinis and the carrots. I put it in a 275° oven for a few hours until fork tender...yummmmm! We devoured it too quickly for photos!

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  1. Hi Bev!

    Love you Blog. Love your recipes, and seeing Dora and Bella. They are adorable. Joan


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