Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Fashion Show

Yes, it was time for the girls to get a new Spring wardrobe. Rich went shopping this week and came home with a new look for both of them. Our girls are both 6 years old (their birthdays are exactly two weeks apart) and for their whole lives Dora has worn purple while Bella has worn pink. That’s how most of you could tell them apart, which is why we are hosting this Spring Fashion Show on our blog.

The color selections for the girls’ Spring Fashion Line include a bright red, touched with a pinkish orange hue, and a brilliantly vibrant teal. Both are decorated with multi-colored, shiny embroidered designs. Both of our models enjoyed a spa day recently and were perfectly groomed for their first appearance on the runway.

How many of you can tell from these photos which girl is modeling which new fashion color?
If you answered that Dora is wearing teal and Bella is wearing red this season…you are correct!


  1. How cute!! And I get to see them in person this afternoon.

  2. Oh, the wonderful life of a dog: all of the pampering and the naps and the treats and no worries..... I'm so jealous. :-)


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