Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RV Season is Here!

Just look what drove into our driveway yesterday! Oh yeah, Rich took the winter cover off Saturday and then brought it home yesterday after work.
IMG_1684 During the winter, in addition to all the work he has done with gauges, he made new cabinet doors to replace the roll doors on the cabinet that used to contain the TV. Here are the old roll-type doors.IMG_1664 And here he is installing the doors that he custom made to fit this cabinet.IMG_1673

I think MOAO (My One And Only…and this is the last time I’m going to explain to y’all what MOAO represents ☺) is an amazingly talented guy!

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  1. Hi Bev! I love your RV! It's a major dream of mine to travel cross-country with an Airstream!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my new blog! It's great to hear from you!
    Happy Spring!!!


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