Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Fury of Spring

Just a few posts ago I wrote wistfully about the coming of Spring. What the hell was I thinking?

Let me be clear...I love winter when everything is covered with a mantle of clean, white, quiet, unspoiled snow. I even enjoy the crisp clarity of cold temps. The only thing I miss in winter is sunshine, because we get little of that here in the Chicago area.

I've felt pangs of loss the last few days as the snow has melted off the brown grass and exposed the bare shrubs! And I especially miss winter this evening. Rich is working late and we are getting one of those terrible, dark (except for the frequent bolts of lightning), noisy spring storms with torrential rain. Spring is not my favorite of the four seasons and it is definitely making a furious entry this evening.

This was the view from our deck less than two weeks ago...I'll hold this pristine memory close until next winter.


  1. Spring is springing down here!!! Grass is getting greener each and every day, maybe even each hour! Ross looked out the window this morning and said "I'm going to have to mow soon." the change of seasons begins.

    Cool new signature. =)

  2. aren't we lucky to have mates named Rich? too bad mine's not well,rich.


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