Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Cards, Groomer, Hockey

What a productive way to start the week! Rich dropped The Girls off at the groomer then we went to the Fitness Center.

Rich worked on the fog lights he's installing on the motorhome, I addressed the Christmas cards, we mailed them on our way to an early dinner, and did a bit of shopping too before time to pick up The Girls.

Dora gets top billing in this post because she got up on the couch when I asked her to so that I could take her picture. They both look great! The groomer did a fine job considering this is the first time she had ever seen them.

Bella was not that cooperative. As soon as she saw the camera she skulked into the bedroom where Rich was working at his desk. I put the camera down and she came toward me; I picked it up and she crept back to this spot. What a hoot!

I finally got to go to my first hockey game of the season. Rich went last week but I wasn't able to make it. Dylan's team is not doing very well this year so we won't talk about scores or winning or boring stuff like that. He is #7...check out his great form and the energy and focus he always applies to the game. I love watching him play. Note also that this is my favorite jersey of any that the kids have worn...check it out, my favorite color!

Lovin' Life ~~ Every Day!

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  1. Bev, just wanted to pop by and wish you and your family a warm and love filled Christmas. I'm not getting much time on the computer,but wanted to take a minute to pop in and see what you were up to and I see as always you are busy, busy!!


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