Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eight Days A Week

How the time flies! It's hard to believe that I haven't posted for eight days. Some of my favorite blogs are taking the month of December off but, since this is a multi-purpose hobby for me, I'm hoping to at least post something about most of our days. First though, I'm sure you're all surprised that you have not seen one photo of my beloved Superstition's yet, so I'm leading with this photo that I took on Monday.

Saturday, December 1st

Alabama game day! At a truck stop along the way here, I managed to get the last few Hostess Golden Cupcakes which have been a special treat for Shelby and me the last couple of years...boohoo

While the rest of the family went to their friends' house to watch the game, Rich and I took Dylan Christmas shopping and then to his favorite restaurant, Chili's.

Shelby had insisted I needed an Instagram account and even set it up on my phone for me...those kids can talk me in to most anything! This is an Instagram shot of Dylan at Chili' is a fun app!

I had taken Dylan to hockey practice and then we all met back at their house. His folks had picked up a desk for his room earlier that afternoon. He and his mom set the computer in it that Rich had brought for him.

Shelby and I hung out in Dylan's room watching them work. She was sitting on his couch playing Angry Birds on the computer that Rich brought for her.

Voila! Two of the three computers, up and running!

While all the excitement was going on in Dylan's room, Jackson hung out in his own room playing video games...go figure.

Sunday, December 2nd

We were back at their house on Sunday for Rich to connect the new computers to Wi-Fi and to just hang out. Sandee and I did some shopping and Shawn grilled burgers. But, before all that, Shelby, Sandee, and I were sitting out by the pool when Shelby got stung by a bee. Oh man did that hurt! Here she is showing her bandaged finger after the pain had eased.

I had smashed that bee to pieces after it happened and when we went back outside to show her, I took this picture...she still wasn't getting any closer than this to that bee though...giggle! Who but me would take, let alone post, a picture like this?

Monday, December 3rd

Here is another shot of the Superstitions that I took Monday morning while we were at the Apache Junction community center.

We walked back to the city offices complex where this great sculpture stands.

If you ride your horse to conduct city business or make an appearance in municipal court, you can use one of these two stalls. Overflow parking would be at the hitching post to the left! I love this area! Wouldn't my mom get a kick out of this? Unfortunately, she has lost touch with reality most of the time now and wouldn't really understand.

Rich grilled chicken on our new grill before we went over to the kids' for the evening. I had busted a toe that afternoon so stayed home with Jackson and Shelby while Grandpa took Dylan to hockey. Sandee met them there in time for his game. Shawn was in Vegas on business until Thursday; I spent the nights at their house to be there in the mornings while the kids got off to school since Sandee goes to work very early.

Tuesday, December 4th

Driving over to the kids' for the night, I shot this sunset. Nearly every evening here, we are treated to sunsets with such vivid, bright, intense colors...magnificent!

Sandee, Shelby and I played Pictureka most of the evening while the boys drifted in and out from their rooms where they were doing homework or playing computer and video games. I am the luckiest person in the world having this time to spend with them.

Wednesday, December 5th

If you were around last winter you will recall that Wednesday evenings are Wings & Beer at Filly's for the KOA gang. This was our first time this year and along with those of us returning, we welcomed a few new neighbors to the festivities!

Rich joined them at the neighborhood campfire when I left to spend the last night with the kids. Shelby and I were messing around with Instagram and I took this one of her. I love it...and so did many friends who saw it after I posted it on FB.

Thursday, December 6th

Yaaaaay! Last year we expected to be here in time to attend Dylan's holiday band concert but were delayed by bad weather in New Mexico. This year, we made it in plenty of time and it was so worth it! After a day of shopping and gift wrapping it was such a treat. He plays tenor sax and the sixth grade band sounded great.

His brother and sister were excited about going too!

Dylan is at the far right, wearing the Santa hat, in this photo.

Friday, December 7th

Rich went to the fitness center while I got organized for the day since my toe is still somewhat painful. We did laundry and errands then visited with the neighbors. We were in for another treat with the kids this evening though...a hay ride on horse-drawn wagons from the kids' elementary school to look at holiday lights in a nearby neighborhood. We had the latest time slot but there were still crowds of people waiting when we got there. The time passed quickly though with a vendor fair, a book fair, and plenty of hot chocolate.

I had posted this on FB and Wayne said that it's not a real hay ride if you're wearing shorts. He'll see in these photos of the crowd and the first wagon that nearly everyone was wearing jeans and coats and hats...

...everyone except Dylan and Rich that is!

I only took photos of a couple of the neighborhood homes.

Saturday, December 8th

This was a day of cleaning and organizing and putting up Christmas trees. By the time we arrived at the kids' late in the afternoon they had shopped for, brought home, and decorated their nine to ten foot Christmas tree. It is gorgeous!

And so are all of them, including Dexter of course.

Shawn, Sandee & Dylan went to hockey practice and a team pizza party afterward. Rich and I took Jackson & Shelby Christmas shopping and dinner at their favorite Pei Wei. Rich is showing Shelby how to hold the chopsticks. As we were getting ready to leave, one of the waiters told Rich "we have all been diggin' your hat!" It is a very cool YOLO hat he picked up in San Antonio but we had no idea he was the talk of the staff while we were eating.

Here is the tree we had put up in our place earlier Saturday. The lights fill the windshield and look softly festive through the front drapes. I purchased the tree years ago at the college bookstore when I worked at COD. Santa and Mrs Claus are from my Possible Dreams collection. Last year the kids took this angel ornament from their tree to make the perfect topper for our little one. You must surely recognize the gifts, Sandee B!

Lovin' Life ~~ And a Busy, Fun-Filled Week

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