Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's Our Anniversary!

Twenty-seven years ago today we spent a glorious day on the slopes, getting back to our hotel in Aspen in time to change and make it to the Courthouse to get our Marriage License before meeting the judge who married us early that evening. And what a truly amazing twenty-seven years we've had together! I don't know that either of us dared dream that it would all turn out to be this great.

I have to include this full-length shot of me standing on one foot so that no pressure is placed on the casted one, not that I will ever forget how this injury robbed us of our normally busy daily activities this winter.

This morning, Rich loaded the bicycle into the car and drove to Usery Mountain Regional Park to ride some off-road trails. He ended up riding for about three hours, relishing every moment of it. I reminded him to take his camera and here are a few of the photos he took.

Pass Mountain

See the bike trail off to the left side?

This huge ocotillo forms an arch over the trail.

I especially loved the sky in this shot. It's been very cold, high 20s the last couple of mornings, and cloudy much of the day.

Lovin' Life ~~ And This Man I Married!

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