Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saints' Football

The Saints team that we watched play today is the flag football team that both boys play on and Shawn coaches. It was a beautiful it was great that Rich could push me all the way across the Payne campus and over to the opposite side of the field so that we could sit with the rest of our team's fans.

The opening games of this season have been delayed for two weeks so they played two games this morning and will have another double header in the next few weeks. They were amazing today, they dominated both teams they played this morning, with neither team scoring against them. Jackson is wearing the dark sports glasses and has double white stripes down the legs of his pants. Dylan is wearing dark shorts and has on a gray shirt with black long sleeves.

Rich left soon after bringing Shelby and me home so that he could ride the bike again this afternoon. He is loving this off-road riding because there is so much open land on which to ride out where we have the motorhome near the Superstition Mountains. Yesterday morning he had ridden for a couple of hours before coming to take me to Chang's. He's exploring so much of that beautiful terrain that you just can't get to except on foot, horse, or bicycle.

Lovin' Life ~~ On This Gorgeous Winter Day

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