Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Firsts

The first three days of 2013 have been filled with "firsts" for us.

Tuesday, January 1st

On New Year's Day Rich brought the girls over. This was the first time I had seen them since I left to go shopping on December 12th. We were all so excited to see each other!

I even made my way out onto the patio for the first time to sit in the sun for a bit that afternoon!

Wednesday, January 2nd

With their parents back to work today, Grandpa picked up the kids for a day of fun at Amazing Jakes. It is an indoor amusement park that we go to every year but, for the first time, Grandpa took them without me. They all have their jokes and competitions, especially with the bumper cars and laser tag so they all had a great time and came home with stories to tell. He got some good photos of them on the climbing wall.

Thursday, January 3rd

This too has been a big day for me. I had physical therapy this morning; he comes to the house of course. He was confident that my transitions are strong enough to safely transfer from the wheelchair to the car and back. So, after Rich got here we decided to go out for a late lunch...did you catch the importance of that...OUT for lunch...for my first outing! I can't imagine how many years (decades?) it's been since I've gone 23 days without going out to eat. I was able to get in the front passenger seat too, which meant facing forward and riding like a normal person instead of sideways along the entire back seat like I had to do coming home from the hospital and going to the appointment with my surgeon a week ago...the only two times I've been in a vehicle since that eventful day. Oh the little pieces of life we take for granted.

It was the five of us, riding and joking and laughing, just like we always do. We are missing out on so many times like that with our grands this winter. When Dylan suggested La Casa Blanca we all immediately agreed! No steps, you just roll right in through two large, arched doorways (something we had never consciously appreciated before) and our meals were absolutely delicious (something we had often consciously appreciated before!).

Lovin' Life ~~ Enjoying Some "Firsts"

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  1. Yeah! Good for you! Making progress! I love seeing all those smiling faces. Hugs and kisses, Barb


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