Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our AZ Family

Today I'm going to bring you up-to-date on our AZ family. They are such an active bunch!

The biggest news this past week is that Sandee has been offered and accepted a Librarian position! Since Shelby started school, she has taught at a preschool and enjoyed guiding little ones through their earliest successes there. She is so excited though to now be returning to the field in which she earned a Masters Degree, one she loves and left to stay home with the kids when they moved to AZ from CA!!!

Yesterday evening, after football practice, we celebrated Shawn's birthday!

Jackson, along with his parents (haha), has been touring and comparing two local high schools; after this morning's visit, they may have made a decision. Yes, you read that right...we will have a grand in high school next year...yikes! His first love is football, especially college football. With that season now over, he remains "in the game" by playing on a flag football team that his dad is coaching.

Dylan has several irons in the fire. He still plays on a hockey team, is also on the flag football team their dad coaches, plays tenor sax in the school band, and serves on the Student Council at his school. Tomorrow they will attend orientation at the Junior High he will attend next year...egads!

In addition to being the family fashionista, Shelby is also very active in after-school activities as a member of the Nighthawks Cheer Squad and the Chorus. Thank goodness we will still have one grand in elementary school next year!

Meanwhile, I still sit here in my wheelchair or on the bed in the family room watching this whirlwind of activity!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Them!

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  1. Tell everyone congratulations from Aunt Barb! That is all such exciting news!


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