Sunday, January 31, 2010

Canine Photo Shoot

R & I were trying to get some photos of the The Girls, Dora and Bella, to keep along with their immunization records when we travel with of many tips we've read this winter about RV life. I took about 50 shots to get these...

Rich was holding treats to get Bella to sit here with Dora.

Dora poses like a model...sits, stands, looks right at the camera, etc.

Bella is a different story though. As soon as Rich put the treats away and went to work on his computer, she hid by his feet and would not budge for me.

This camera shy behavior seems at odds though with the Bella we see daily. She knows when there is any animal, even a rabbit, anywhere near our house. Since we live on a golf course, animal traffic is not rare. Bella barks and runs from window to door to window (Dora simply follows behind her...seemingly clueless) until we come see what she is trying to show us. The past two evenings, about 5:15, she got unusually excited and when we all went outside...there was a coyote in our yard. We frequently hear them yipping at night...because Bella wakes us up with her barking so we don't miss out on it...haha  A friend down the street had mentioned that one would come through our back yards nearly every evening.

When this happened on Friday evening, I had let the girls out on the deck before I knew what was out there. They raced out with Bella barking like crazy; when the coyote came from the left into my view I wondered with some alarm what in the world would happen. No need to worry though, the coyote just stopped and turned to look at us on the deck before ambling off. Last evening, I had my camera handy just in case. Sure enough, it came again at about the same time of evening. We went onto the deck and this time I got a few great shots...

...even the coyote posed for the camera better than Bella does...teehee

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  1. Awesome picture of the coyote! They are such cool critters. Sure must be used to the fairway to be that close with you guys outside. =)


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