Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

Anyone who is anyone in my life knows that one of my great weaknesses is my inability to remember birthdays, anniversarys, and other special occasions until it is too late to send a card. I do think of it, usually on the day of or the day after. I am forever apologizing for my forgetfulness.

Well, thanks to this lil ole blog of mine, I can now send out a greeting on the day idea that just came to me this morning courtesy of one of my oldest, dearest, bestest friends, Dorothy, who always remembers my birthday.
Today is Dorothy's 61st birthday. Of course, that means that I too will be 61, but not for 45 more days! We've been friends since high school and through the years I have been so fortunate to see her fairly often because she would come to our hometown to see me whenever I was in town visiting Mom.

The youngest of her four children, and only daughter, is graduating from high school tomorrow...CONGRATULATIONS, Manda! Her youngest boy was about eighteen when Manda was born (give or take a year for my aging memory) and raising her has certainly kept Dorothy young and in touch with a whole new generation.

This photo was taken in December 1965 at my grandparent's home in Virden before we sang with our high school chorus in a county-wide holiday program at the high school there. I know she will be
to see this photo of the two of us that was taken on that long ago Yesterday...and see it she will because she reads my blog.

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

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