Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Fabulous Trip

We are too busy having too much fun to spend time writing posts so here are some photos from the past couple of days in Indianapolis...

This is Frederick, the campground horse, that the kids spent two evenings feeding grass, oats, hay, and apples. He would follow them around the fence as they walked or ran...wonder why?
Lucas Oil Stadium where J's Colts and Peyton Manning play.
The kids' first visit to a Hard Rock Cafe...quite a hit with these rock n roll kids!
The Indianapolis Children's Museum is so amazing that I would not know where to begin describing our day there yesterday, so here are some of the couple hundred photos taken there.

The Dinosphere...

The Barbie Exhibit with Fashion Show...

The "Hood Ornament" pose in front of the water clock. I don't know, you'll have to ask Grandpa about this one...haha

A quick trip to Egypt...

And the highlight of the day for the boys. They both successfully climbed the rock wall...scaling its sheer face to the top of Mount Pittman with harness gear, helmet, ropes, and pads using only the strength in their arms and legs! WOW!!!
 This was a fabulous, fun-filled day for all of us! This is a truly great children's museum...a must see!

I have spent the better part of three hours just importing the photos you see on this post. Blogger has had problems for days it seems; it's definitely them, not our KOA WiFi connection. So, I can only share a peek at our indescribably fantastic morning today. Yes, the kids are standing in the actual winner's circle just off the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where we took the Grounds Tour.
Tonight we are in southern Illinois and tomorrow morning will arrive at our niece and her family's place in southeastern Missouri. The kids are so excited to see their cousins again. More fun to come! I'll post again after we get back home next week.

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