Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Hangin' Out with the Grands!

The first thing they wanted to do when we got home from the airport Sunday evening was play with Dora & Bella. Look how happy everyone is to see each other! Today we had a very low key, but busy, day. One of the things I miss most between visits is the snuggling and we started our day with lots of that! 
There is a restaurant that Rich & I frequent where the kids always order "the best pancakes in the whole world" when they are here so we went there this morning. No one changed their opinion of the pancakes!
From there we stopped at WalMart for supplies and treats to take along in the RV. This is a favorite prop for photos there.
In addition to preparing a few other food items, we baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars. Everything is so much easier when you have such eager helping hands!
Rich's sister is keeping Dora & Bella at her house, better known as Camp Marianne's. After dinner at the pizza restaurant where G & J's wedding rehearsal dinner was held two years ago, we all enjoyed the beautiful evening outdoors at Mar's.
If you have three minutes to watch the kids and the pups playing in the yard, click below. They got such a kick out of the pups chasing each other around the yard. Since Mar is the only one in the family with a fenced yard, the kids had never seen the pups' running speed and agility. The best part of this video is listening to the kids' laughter!
When we went inside for a bit before leaving, S took quite a few photos. She does a good job with the camera for a nearly seven year old. This was my favorite of her shots because of the unique special effects with the lighting and color. I had no idea what she did to achieve this (neither did she...haha), but Grandpa quickly figured it out...very cool! Then she and I tried several more shots like this, but this is still the best composition because of the light on the yellow dog toy.
Tomorrow we drive to the first destination on our exciting road trip!

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