Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beautiful Gift and Remembrance

There is so much to write about and more than 2,600 photos to sort through from our grandkids' time with us this month. It is all a bit overwhelming from a time standpoint right now.

Therefore, this morning I decided to share a little bitty crumb with you before attempting to slice the whole cake.

While visiting our niece and her family in Missouri, they took us to their friends' farm where we had a nearly indescribably fun evening. The kids experienced so many animals and activities there. This couple gives new meaning to the word HOSPITALITY.

Before we left their place that night, she gave me an armload of feathers from their many peacocks. I regifted a few along the way and placed the rest in a vase in our guest room. Aren't they beautiful?!?!?! And every time I see these feathers, I am reminded of them and the privilege of getting to meet them and the joyful experiences our grandkids had at their place.

You'll see more about that evening in posts to come.

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  1. Looks like a perfect spot for those beautiful feathers! Glad you guys enjoyed the trip so much. =)


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