Sunday, June 20, 2010

Men in Uniform...cont'd

In my post on Memorial Day, I mentioned that I didn't have a photo of my brother Wayne in uniform. You can read that post here Memorial Day Blog Post.

Yesterday, my brother Tom and his son Chad were here. He mentioned that he was surprised to read here that I didn't have that photo because he was sure that he had scanned it when scanning hundreds of Mom's photos so that we can all have them. Well, he found it and e-mailed me the following...
Another handsome Army man in my family!


  1. I always thought he was rather dorky looking, but the uniform makes a huge difference! Our men have served their country well.

  2. dorky looking!!!!

    what a comment from one of the adopted ones lol


  3. I loved seeing the picture of wayne in uniform he is very hansom in it

  4. Oh, don't tell my brothers that they are handsome. They have big enough egos as it is! And I always knew that I was adopted - finally someone tells me the truth!! I know that I am really the long-lost princess of a medium sized country!


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