Sunday, July 18, 2010


Directions, plans, priorities...

The first change today is the header of this blog. The shot of a wall sculpture in our dining room visually anchored us at home which does not fit the "Meandering..." of our travels, our days at home, our relationships, our thoughts, etc., which this blog was created to share.

With the maps out this morning to rough out the path of our upcoming trip, the photo of a map section displaying our starting point seemed to make a better header image. What do you think?

And yes, we are changing our travel plans too. Since Rich has upcoming association commitments, we are now planning two more trips before winter rather than one long trip. Fortunately, this change is possible because he has already completed all the RV projects and updates he had planned after our last trip. Let me share a few of these changes...

Changing out fixtures began with a leaky bathroom faucet when the kids were here. It is so pretty that the others seemed out of place.

Some of you probably know how much I "hate" spring loaded toilet paper holders. You won't find one in my house. I know, I know...there are bigger issues in life. But don't we all have little ones like this that drive us crazy? Here's the new one, in all its simplicity, in the RV. See how easy it is to replace a roll? Simply lift the bar, slip the roll off and on, then drop the bar back in place...lovin' it!

What will surely be my favorite change though is the kitchen faucet with the pull-out sprayer. Just feast your eyes on this beauty...the faucet, too!

Behind the faucet hang the new kitchen curtains. Rich made these from fabric we bought in Key West. At the end of my last post, I said that I would let you know what he was up to while I was visiting Two Special Ladies last week. These are the projects that kept him busy.

How many times do I have to tell you...WHAT A GUY!

Here is a better shot of the curtains and the new faucet.

Hope you are keeping cool and having a great day!

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