Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME..Imagine!

This photo was taken in Central Park's Strawberry Fields on my 60th birthday, one year ago today. What a great place to celebrate a milestone birthday! That trip was phenomenal and since I was not blogging then, I'm dragging this, my favorite photo from that morning, out to show you this year. Actually, I like it so much and it brings back such happy memories that I just might drag it out every year on this day! Dorothy, a BFF since high school, sent me a really cute b-day message that included the hope that I could top last year's...not a chance, but that is what photos and memories are for, which is why I am including this Yesterday photo.

I am grateful for every birthday that comes my way and we did celebrate on Saturday with Greg, Jenny, and Marianne at Sweet Tomatoes. If you haven't been to one of their restaurants, you are missing out on some fresh, healthy, and bottomless salads and soups.

The desserts are yummy too...and best of all, you can make these teeny tiny frozen yogurt very cool! And delicious!

After dinner we all went to Mar's for a while.

Rich did a great job as photographer that evening; this photo illustrates just how difficult it is to get a good one of oneself though...teehee!

And now, today, I am 61 years old.

I am one lucky chick who is madly, happily, ecstatically in love with my husband, proudly in love with my kids, joyfully in love with my grandkids, and thankfully in love with so many family and friends. This year, along with Rich, I retired after many years of work that encompassed varying degrees of challenge, satisfaction, and success which now allows us unbounded opportunities for Meandering...

What more could one ask?


  1. Happy birthday Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you!!!!!



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