Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cubs Lost; WE WON!

Even though the Cubs lost in the 10th inning this afternoon, we were winners. Here is a recap of the events of the day:

1. Beautiful day to drive into the city
2. We'll walk around Millenium Park and through the Taste of Chicago
3. Pull into underground parking lot and see $25 fee for the day
4. Decide we could find a more reasonably priced place to walk around
5. Rich calls Marc A to see if he would like to meet us for lunch, which doesn't work out
6. We decide to drive out to Northerly Island
7. Marc calls back to tell us that Tom V has two tickets to Cubs game that starts in an hour
8. Rich calls Tom V and makes arrangements to meet at Wrigley Field
9. At Marc's suggestion, we actually find a parking space on the street just a three minute walk from the park
10. Tom V is driving past the ballpark and hands Rich the tickets
11. We get to our seats and find that we are sitting in the 11th row from home plate, slightly to the left...unbelievable seats!
12 Tom V sits with us for a while before joining the rest of his family in a corporate suite and we enjoy every second of the game on a sunny, 73 degree, occasional breeze, perfect game day!

We were two very happy Cubs fans today! Thank you Marc! Thank you Tom!

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