Monday, July 12, 2010

Greg's & Jenny's 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

The last great occasion in our family was the marriage of Greg and Jenny on July 12, 2008. How the time passes, two years already since that glorious day. Everything about it was so very special!

It doesn’t matter

Where you go in life…

What you do…

Or how much you have…

It’s who you have beside you.

In addition to our happiness about their marriage, the day was made even more special having our families and friends there! And...all three of our grandkids were in the wedding party which means I can't resist including these photos too.

Happy Anniversary, Greg and Jenny, with our wishes for many, many more. We love you!

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  1. thank you for that the pictures you put up are wonderful looking. Greg and I were so happy that we had so many people come to help us celabrate that wonderful day and we loved celabrating it with all of you as well.


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