Friday, July 2, 2010

A Spectacular Lunch!

Rich's sister, Marianne had shoulder surgery last Thursday and has made remarkable progress toward recovery. Her friend, Judy, stayed with her the first two nights and she has other friends offering to take her to physical therapy or shopping or whatever else she needs help to do. She can't drive for up to six weeks...yikes!

Pictured here with Marianne is her friend and former co-worker, Carol. Today Carol brought lunch and invited us to join them after we took Marianne to PT this morning.

And oh what a lunch it was!!

Carol brought absolutely everything with her so that Mar would not be inconvenienced and so that she wouldn't have to impose by using Mar's dishes and stuff. And I do mean everything...plates, cups, utensils, place mats, napkins, serving dishes, baking sheets for reheating, etc, etc. in addition to all of the food and drinks.

Here is a photo of the lovely table she set and a close up of the holiday decorated, red velvet cake she baked.

We feasted on chips and guacamole; a spinach salad with mushrooms, nuts, dried cranberries, and other yummy ingredients accompanied by homemade buttermilk biscuits; a hash brown quiche and cantaloupe wedges; and then finished with the red velvet cake that was even more delicious than it was beautiful! Both the biscuits and the quiche were made from Paula Deen recipes.

Following that amazing meal, she insisted on doing all the cleanup and the dishes too...even though Rich offered to box her for the privilege of doing the dishes...teehee!
It was a pleasure finally meeting Carol after Marianne has spoken of her so often and to have the added bonus of being the recipient of her hospitality, generosity, and culinary skills at Marianne's house...just how lucky can a gal get two days in a row!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous lunch! And what a wonderful favor to do for a friend!

  2. Carol is truly a good friend. She was so happy to meet you, Rich and the girls. What a wonderful afternoon I had spending it with amazing family and a really good friend.
    Thanks all.

  3. Hi to all -
    When Mar told me to "check the blog", I never expected such a flattering description of my luncheon - thank you for the kind words.
    It was a fun day, one that I'll never forget - thank you for "indulging" me and taking the time to spend it with somebody you had never met before - that was very nice of you.
    We all "clicked" pretty well, didn't we - I felt like I had known you and Rich & the girls for years.


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