Monday, July 5, 2010

Dessert Anyone?

I know, I know! All you foodies out there have been perched on the edge of your seats waiting for my next culinary post. Well here it is.

I baked these delicious bars for our cookout yesterday. It's a new "recipe" for me and it got raves from all three of us who tasted them. Seriously, I suggest keeping the ingredients for this on hand for those times when you need a quick dessert.

 As you may have suspected by now, the main ingredients are contained in this box from Betty Crocker. In addition to this, you will need one egg, one stick of butter, and some water...that's it!

You prepare the brownie packet and spread it in an 8" square pan. I topped the brownie batter with a generous layer of Georgia pecan halves that we bought on our Florida trip. See, I'm not a strictly-by-the-box gal after all...such culinary creativity!

Then you mix together the chocolate chip cookie dough packet and drop by spoonsful on top. Bake it and serve with pride...claim it as your own even...I won't tell.

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