Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple Splendors of Home

Early (by our standards...teehee) this morning, I stepped onto the deck to photograph the sun sparkling and dancing through the top branches of our neighbor's River Birch tree. Failure! I could not capture what I was seeing. But then, I glanced down and gasped at the tiny roses blooming on our two Double Knockout Rose Bushes. We have a pink one and a red one. It has taken me days to remember the name of these roses...geesh! Aren't they sweet? See how the sun is gently kissing the buds in the second photo?

This gazing ball sits on the corner of our deck rail. Rich bought this one recently because of the unusual color. Doesn't it appear to have texture, like a large waffle? It is a perfectly smooth glass ball though. I love seeing our house reflected in it!

The girls seemed to be enjoying the cool sunny morning out there too but when I uploaded this photo, their squinty eyes made me laugh.

This next, only somewhat better, photo of them was taken a couple of hours later. This time they appeared to be all wide-open and bright eyed when I took this...what is happening to my, admittedly minimal, photography skills today? Must be my subjects...giggle!

But this, this is the rose in bloom...the tiny bud that Rich brought inside and set next to my computer on Mother's Day morning...splendid!

Lovin' Life ~~ Enjoying the Simple Splendors of Home Too!  

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