Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Flowers; Strolling Geese

Yesterday we drove about 30 miles south to Vilt's Greenhouse just off the I-55 in Wilmington. This has become our favorite place to buy annual flowers. It's well worth the drive because their plants are fresh and healthy and beautiful.

Every time we walk into this place the explosion of colors and textures make me wish I was a gardener; alas, I am not willing to put in the work it takes to maintain a beautiful garden.

Have you ever seen brilliant red petunias before? I had not. They had a flag assortment of petunias, these plus blue ones and white ones...wouldn't that make an impact in the right bed?

Even though I don't participate in any meaningful way, Rich always plants flowers on Mother's Day weekend. Here, he just scored some marigolds fresh off the truck. He also plants Wave Petunias in the planter that runs across the front of our house and Vilt's is where we can always count on being able to buy the color we prefer.

We also picked up one of these orangey/red Dahlias for the pot in the front planter.

When we had a house with a big yard we quickly discovered that there was nothing about yard work that we enjoyed. So, even though we now have a very small yard, that is mowed by our association, with small planting areas...this is the right size for us!

Besides, who needs a big yard to maintain when we have a golf course fairway, the driving range, and another fairway behind our home which gives us the feel of having a big yard? Last evening when I looked out back to see what Bella was barking at, there were several geese taking a stroll at the far side of the fairway. It's been a while since I posted photos of these four trees that I love for their shape and placement.

Lovin' Life ~~ And a Perfectly Big/Small Yard  

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