Monday, May 7, 2012

So Very Much to Share

Today I am determined to post about three incredibly full days this past week. I was in Carlinville on Thursday and Friday; we were in Milwaukee on Saturday.

I got to have lunch and visit with my high school BFF, Dorothy, for more than four fabulous hours Thursday afternoon! For years she has made the effort to drive up from her home to see me when I'm in town. She went to the nursing home with me to see Mom for a few minutes before she headed back home.

The timing of this trip to Carlinville was to attend a meeting with the Care Coordinator at Mom's nursing home with my brother and to go with Mom to her doctor's appointment.

Thursday evening my cousin, Kathy, brought Mom roses from a bush that was given to Mom by her favorite aunt and then passed on to Kathy when she moved from the house to the apartment nearly five years ago. Mom was so thrilled to get those roses; I was so thrilled to get the cookies and bread that Kathy baked for us!!!

My cousin, Betty, came down with Kathy to see Mom too. And since Wayne and Mary were there for their regular nightly visit, Mom had a room full and was loving it!

Betty is a year and a day older than her sister Kathy and they both celebrated their birthdays earlier last week.

After Mom's doctor appointment on Friday, I "encouraged" [read: forced] her to go to the afternoon activity which was bowling. Let's just say that she was not a happy camper but I insisted we were staying until she took her turn. Just look at that form...oops, there's some loft on that ball!

I stayed at Wayne's and Mary's Thursday night and got in lots of great time with them too!

Anyway, I am so frustrated with Blogger that I've nearly been in tears. I've tried, off and on, for two days to upload photos for this blog post but could only post in landscape format. That means that when I uploaded the two photos above, Betty's photo had her face down and the photo of Mom "bowling" at the nursing home looked like she was lying on her back throwing the plastic ball into the air. Go is funny, but not to me right now. At least today it is consistent so I finally got them to work by rotating the photo files 90 degrees to the left, which resulted in them displaying correctly because somehow Blogger is automatically rotating all portrait formats 90 degrees to the right...grrrr!

Moving on...

We were at The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee, WI on Saturday attending the memorial service for Rich's brother, Joe, and his wife, Carol, who both passed away in January. Their three awesome sons most certainly made them proud that day. The Cathedral was renovated about ten years ago and is breathtakingly beautiful. The following details are taken from the Cathedral pamphlet.

As you enter the Cathedral, the Baptistry is directly in front of you. The upper font's basin is supported by three pillars of burgundy, green, and yellow marble symbolizing the Holy Trinity. It is the source of water flowing into the tomb shaped baptismal font that has three steps down at the other end and is suitable for immersion.

Stopping just past the Baptistry, this next photo shows the altar which is a six-foot square slab of Italian marble standing on a three tiered platform of Tennessee marble.

"Suspended 28-feet over the altar is a corona or crown 14 feet in diameter, designed by the well-known Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro in collaboration with Giuseppe Maraniello, who created the figure of Christ. Except for the body of Christ which is bronze, it is made of fiberglass that has been clad in copper. Reflecting St. John's gospel, the corona symbolizes the crown of thorns transformed into a crown of glory, as Christ, lifted up on the cross, draws all humanity with him into the heavenly kingdom. In death, Christ hands over his spirit (the gold dove-like symbol in his right hand) to establish the Church." It is a magnificent piece of religious sculpture.

After posting this, I will return to the task of moving data from my old computer to the new one. It has taken seemingly endless hours. Today I succeeded in copying my Outlook address book over to Live Mail so that is another task that can be checked off. Then when I was researching how to copy my messages from Outlook to Live Mail I came across news posted four days ago that over the next several months Microsoft is killing the Live suite for something called Microsoft Account. Apparently this transition to the new computer will never end...again...grrrr!

Lovin' Life ~~ Ever Thankful for Friends, Family, and Beautiful Spaces  

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