Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hand 'N Foot... the name of a card game, a variation of canasta. It is also how we refer to our group; I wonder that we've never named any of the card groups to which we have belonged during the thirteen years Rich and I have lived in this bucolic neighborhood...hmmm We all built our homes within a year of each other with ours being one of the last and this was the first card group, many others have followed.

Since I worked until two years ago and they all had retired before we met, I am ever grateful for this group. It provided me a monthly opportunity to connect with these remarkable women. Other than Sue, who replaced Kay years ago, this is our original group. We have a few subs, who are semi-regulars because it seems that one or more of us are away most months, but last month and again last night we were all here. I love these women.



Joan, Phyllis, Sue

I count these friends among the special joys of having this stationery home to return to in-between our trips on the road.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Time Spent With My Neighborhood BFFs

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