Saturday, May 19, 2012

Microwave Corn-on-the-Cob

Just in time for summer sweet corn, our friends across the street have been sharing this tip for cooking roastin' ears (that's what we called them where I grew up) in the microwave. I was more than a little bit skeptical but considered the source to be reliable...giggle!

Do not remove the husks; do not remove the silks; do not soak them in water; nope. This is the easiest method you will ever see. Place the entire ear of corn in the microwave and nuke it on high for about four minutes (seven minutes for two ears). After taking them out of the microwave, let them sit a spell because they will continue to steam in the husks. Take a sharp knife and cut off the stem end, make sure to cut it on the last row of kernels. simply pick it up on the tassel end (it's HOT so use kitchen gloves or towel or something), give it a good shake or two, maybe three, and the ear of cooked corn will slide right out of the husk. There will not be even one piece of silk remaining. Your corn will be perfectly clean and thoroughly cooked.

Thinking that you might be a bit skeptical too, after we enjoyed our yummy corn yesterday I took this photo of the empty husk and the end I had cut off allowing the ear of corn to drop right out.

I think everyone in our neighborhood is now using this technique and we'll all be eating a LOT of roastin' ears this summer! If any of my close friends and family knew about this and didn't tell me...harrumph!

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  1. yep seen it done before

    w m

  2. Tried this out tonight for few ears of corn after our neighbors dropped off almost three dozen ears! Amazingly easy, but don't see doing this for too many ears at once. I think when we get to go pick corn this week, we will be hand husking and cooking in a huge pot! Lovin' summer garden treats though!


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