Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gateway Arch ( is D-Dawg's B-Day!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

From our base at the WM Campground, we took the kids to St. Louis two days. Since I am posting about the Arch on Dylan's birthday, this will be the lead photo. It was taken at the parking lot of the Basilica of Saint Louis.

Happy 11th Birthday, Dylan!

The Basilica was the last stop that day. Shelby posted this next photo of the riverfront in St. Louis on her blog but I'm going to post it here too because I love this shot, taken as we entered Missouri that morning.

Our timing was great! There were no crowds so, after taking this shot of Rich and the kids ( lower left corner), we walked right up to the counter and got our tram tickets.

There are always ways to amuse ourselves while we wait in line! Although, we were the line for a while.

These stairs lead down to the door of our tram car.

We were not packed as tightly into our tram car as I had feared. Rich and I managed quite well on the two remaining seats and the ride to the top was not at all frightening. I didn't remember much about the tram car or the ride, since I last did it in 1987, so didn't know what to expect. The kids didn't give it a thought; they were just excited!

The view through these tiny windows is incredible...the city of St. Louis on the west side and to the east, Illinois across the Mississippi River.

Back down in the base, we explored the Museum of Westward Expansion before heading out to the river. I've loved the Mississippi River since childhood...another story for another day.

Walking to the Basilica, we passed under the Arch. Dylan took this shot lying on the ground. I love it!

We also stopped to marvel at how tiny the windows at the top appear to be from the ground and to congratulate ourselves on having been up there. If you click to enlarge, you will see the sixteen windows on the west side of the Arch.

After a late lunch at an unremarkable nearby restaurant the kids and I continued on to the Basilica of Saint simple, so quiet, so peaceful...while Rich walked back to get our car. 

Rich arrived to pick us up just as I finished taking photos of the kids with the Arch in the background....more great timing!

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