Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Aunt & Uncle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shortly after setting up the RV at the WM Campground, the kids and I went to visit Mom at the nursing home. This was especially exciting for me because my Uncle Don; Aunt Audrey; their daughter, Jennifer; and her kids, Macie and Aiden were there. They are home from Florida for the first time in nearly two years. Jen and her family live there and my Uncle Don and Aunt Audrey spend much of their time there too. My cousin, Kathy, came to the nursing home too; Wayne and Mary were there as they are nearly every evening. After visiting Mom we all went to Hardee's for a late dinner.

Having my grands see where their Great-Grandma is now living; watching her enjoyment at having so many visitors, and getting to catch up with more of our family made for a GREAT evening!

Oh yeah...I did take a few photos. This is my favorite though. After Macie showed Mom how to play Fruit Ninja on her Kindle Fire, all the kids gathered around to watch. Too cool!

My mom's brother, Uncle Don, and Aunt Audrey. She never seems to get any older and spending so much time in Florida obviously agrees with him too!

Jennifer's husband is in the Air Force and they have been stationed in Florida for years now. He was overseas for a year recently which is one reason why Uncle Don and Aunt Audrey stayed with them for so long this time.

A rare mom and her brother.

Lovin' Life ~~ Visiting with Family from Afar

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