Friday, June 29, 2012

Navy Pier

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If I don't get a move on, I will never get caught up with all the wonderful, fun times we had while our grands were here. Doing this post about our day at Navy Pier with my niece's family has been so very time consuming. This evening I checked and, among the three of us who were shooting that day, we took a few more than 900 pictures. I wish I could say that they were all great but...

Here is a selection of the ones that I thought did a fair job of capturing our day.

Our approach to the Pier was to first walk to end that extends into Lake Michigan so that we could enjoy the lake breeze and watch the boats.

It brings me such joy to see how often the six cousins will hold hands as they walk, they have always done this and were never prompted to do so. Here we were all walking back toward the city end of the Pier.

On our way to the Children's Museum, we stopped for a group photo and to ride the giant Ferris Wheel.

This is evidence that railings aren't just for old people...giggle...the kids had a blast sliding down this double railing.

Last year I raved about the large room in the Children's Museum filled with materials to build forts. This year that room is filled with costumes, tightrope, stilts, ladders, audience seating and lots of other things that make a circus, a circus...what a blast!

The kids also enjoyed showing their cousins all the many other delightful places to explore in this wonderland for kids.

At the end of our day there, Jackson, Dylan, Shelby, and Riley rode on the swings while Ross, Amber, Braden, and Tanner took another spin on the Ferris Wheel. With only two tickets remaining, Shelby and Riley were thrilled to get to ride the swings again.

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