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Museum of Science and Industry

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When I asked Amber for suggestions, at the top of their list of things to do was the Museum of Science & Industry. The building is so vast and the lighting is not great for photography but we had a great time, the kids got to enjoy some new experiences, and we closed the place at 5:30. My nephew, Chad, spent the night at our house the night before, which is always such a treat for all the kids, and went with us that day!

Here is our crew as we entered the building.

Entering the hall of Storms and Science, see the vortex in the background?

My favorite was this gigantic, slowly turning disc which illustrated the movements in an avalanche...the constantly changing patterns were breathtakingly beautiful.

A hands-on demonstration of solar power with cars racing on a track.

When she requested volunteers to help with a vortex experiment, Dylan and Riley got picked for the first part and then Shelby was selected to fly a balloon up into the vortex. For the final part of the experiment Ross and I were the only non-volunteers...someone has to take the pictures!

All of the kids had fun flying balls above the air pressure tubes; the tubes rotate so you could try to shoot them in various directions or toward various folks...haha

Globes containing lightning-like electrical current that is drawn to your body where touched, is always a fascinating experience for kids and adults alike.

Another big hit in the storm science hall was this 80 mile an hour wind tunnel! At one point, all six kids crammed in there together...they do have fun!

Finally we had to tear ourselves away from the storm science hall to explore more of the museum. This huge model railroad layout has been a centerpiece of this museum for many years.

Amber and I both liked this streetcar for posed photos of the kids.

All six kids, Chad, and I even took an exciting ride all around a big city wearing our jet packs in one of those enclosed capsule rides that jostles you around as though you are really flying. I only bought seven tickets, for Chad and the six kids; eight passengers can ride in the spaceship. As their turn came Tanner dropped back to where I was standing to see them on and grabbed my hand so the attendant said “looks like he’s not going without you” to which I replied “oh no, I don’t even have a ticket” but she insisted that was okay because he wasn't going without me...yikes! I’m happy to report that Tanner and I both not only survived but had a blast ‘flying.’ 

This is the space ship Chad, the six kids, and I "flew" in.

Do I look wobbly?

Nothin’ wobbly looking about Tanner though!

The kids never met a climbing wall they didn't scale over and over again.

There was a maze of mirrors to explore.

There is an exhibit of a manufacturing facility where you can watch your own toy being made as it winds its way along an assembly line. Braden's fascination with this process was a highlight of the day.

These pretty bubble-filled walls had something to do with information about petroleum products but I thought they made an interesting backdrop for photos.

Riley experimenting...we experimented all the live long day!

With three cameras shooting a total of 706 photos that day there are bound to be some surprising shots. This one, from Ross' camera takes the prize for most unusual photo that day.

I have no idea if this was accidental or intentional; if it was taken by him or one of the kids; if Ross is even aware this photo exists, but I LOVE it. This is a quite artful shot of the inexpensive vinyl tablecloth I had in the dining room while the kids were here.

Lovin' Life ~~ Exploring Museums With the Kids and Surprising Photos

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  1. From Sis- I'm really enjoying all the great pictures. Keep em coming! I love your new background,too. I bet the kids heads were spinning after such great adventures and all of the fun learning they did. Also, thanks for the sweet corn technique. We have never eaten so much corn as we have the last few weeks. It is so easy to pop a couple in whenever we want! Hope your feeling all better by now.


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