Monday, July 2, 2012

Cousins' Last Day

Friday, June 15, 2012

Not until their last day with us did we have a late, relaxing morning in pjs while their parents' began organizing and packing.

There were, however, two very important places to visit before they left. After finally getting dressed, we drove over to Greg's and Jenny's so that they could show Amber their home and introduce their canine family members to everyone.

Our last stop was our grands most favorite park because it has such cool playground equipment. It is also very close to our, win! That day the temps had risen dramatically and we were all getting ready to have some lunch so we didn't stay long, but it is always a fun place to play.

Those of you who have been around a while will recognize that this is our grands' very favorite piece of playground equipment...anywhere!

Adults can go flying off of it too! It's not easy to stay on when the kids or G'pa get it spinning.

I love this set of swings...all of the kids were on it here and still didn't use them all. Okay, well yes, Dylan and Riley are trying to get Riley either into or out of a little kid swing; Shelby had been swinging in one like it just minutes earlier.

We came back to the house for lunch and some serious fort building in the front room. This was an incredibly exclusive fort that required a personalized ticket to enter. As Amber found out, you cannot enter without a ticket and you cannot successfully trick them by using someone else's ticket...teehee

I didn't give even one thought to photographing the goodbyes; it was just too bittersweet. We all agreed though that we were very grateful to have so much time with them this year and get to do so many fun things!!!

The boys retreated to their own interests for the evening. There was straightening and laundry to be done. Then Shelby helped me prepare food and bake desserts for the gathering we were hosting the next day.

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