Monday, July 9, 2012

Which Smart Phone?

Just a bit ago, I posted the following on FB. I'm pasting it here to ask all of you the same questions and so that our grands can see Rorie's comment...loved it!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Social Media!

We're ready to make the leap but don't know what to buy. What smart phone do you use? Do you recommend it or wish you had something else? Should I wait for the Galaxy S III so that I can have conversations with my phone...giggle? Is the Razr Maxx worth its higher price? Battery life is important. We are Verizon customers. Rich won't buy an Apple product.
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    • Rorie Vlaming Questions you should definitely be asking your grandkids...they are the most high tech up to date with technology kids I know!~
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    • Paul Ineson We have a Samsung ACE with the Android operating system. Not an I Phone. they seem to be about par with one another and the Samsung is cheaper.
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