Monday, July 23, 2012

On The Road Again!

We left about 11:30 this morning and don't expect to return home for six to eight! Tonight we are in...

Because I believe in the power of threes, smooth sailing can be expected from here on. My Wi-Fi worked for a short time then failed the rest of the day, we missed the turn into our campground, and water flooded the water heater compartment when Rich hooked up. It turns out, there was a bad wire on the Wi-Fi so it couldn't stay charged, there was a [rare on a country road] turnaround just past the campground, and the water leak was a hose that had come disconnected...Rich fixed it all, of course. See...that's that, we've had our three challenges so we're good to go!

On my birthday, we had an impromptu dinner with several friends; the following evening we went to dinner with Greg, Jenny, and Marianne; and Saturday evening we went out with our next-door BFFs. Sandee had a cake for me but we were all too full for dessert so she gave it to me when we left their house after playing cards. Last evening, after a busy day of RV prep and loading, we had a great send off. Greg, Jenny, Marianne, Vic, and Sandee were all at our house so we shared the B-day cake from Sandee and Vic. After four evenings of dining and celebrating, here I am last night.

We are so excited about this trip because we are again exploring new territory in this magnificent country of ours! In case you've forgotten, this is what we look like on the road. The Girls do wish they could drive!

This picture, from the front of a greeting card I picked up at a truck stop thousands of miles ago, cracks me up every time I run across it on my computer. I still don't use hair curlers but other than that...giggle!

Lovin' Life ~ On The Road

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